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Project overview

The Nephrology Partnership for Advancing Technology in Healthcare (N-PATH) aims at establishing a European Strategic Partnership to make the nephrology career more appealing by promoting the exchange of good practices and cross-fertilization of health clusters

of this action


Governance level

Steering Committee

Professor Loreto Gesualdo

Project Coordinator

Professor Loreto Gesualdo

Quality Control Committee

Alberto Mandoli MD

Operative level

A new path for interventional nephrology


N-PATH will deliver the first official European Advanced Training Course in Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology for 40 young nephrologists implementing a multidisciplinary approach in real-life settings and distance learning. The N-PATH Advanced Training Course lasts 2 years and it will be launched in summer 2021. A certificate of attendance will be released for university credits.

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01/07 2021
01/01 2022
01/07 2022
01/01 2023