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Project overview

The Nephrology Partnership for Advancing Technology in Healthcare (N-PATH) is an international project funded by Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance that aims at establishing a European Strategic Partnership in order to make the nephrology career more appealing by promoting the exchange of good practices

of this action


Governance level

Steering Committee

Professor Loreto Gesualdo

Project Coordinator

Professor Loreto Gesualdo

Quality Control Committee

Alberto Mandoli MD

Operative level

A new path for interventional nephrology


N-PATH is the the first official European Advanced Training Course in Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology implementing a multidisciplinary approach in real-life settings and distance learning. The N-PATH Advanced Training Course lasts 2 years and it has been launched in summer 2021. The forty selected young nephrologists will receive academic certificate.

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01/08 2021
01/02 2022
01/08 2022
01/02 2023